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Genesis 1:29 …every herb and fruit bearing seed I have given you for food, Love God!

Our creator has given us plants that help heal and nourish ourselves by His life in them. He is a good God that loves us everyone as told in His story in the Bible. Like anything there is misuse of a high THC psychoactive variety of cannabis but that doesn’t negate the good effects of a healthy use of the CBD non psychoactive hemp plant. They really do have quite different affects mentally. I’ll leave the science of fully determining the differences of the cannabis plant to the clinicians and doctors.

We have had personal testimonies of pain and inflammation being reduced, others shared how they reduced or got off both prescribed opiates and higher THC drugs. Others have shared their depression or PTSD or child’s ADHD is manageable. It may help any ailment related to the neurological, psychological or nervous systems or more. Scientists and doctors continue to research what it may help. Our website has links to educational resources.

We have both a full spectrum CBD oil which contains over 100 plant based chemicals that assist us and is under the legal limit of THC which being low keeps it non psychoactive. We also have an isolated CBD oil which is 99+% pure CBD from the plant that may help us. This Isolate CBD oil does not cause you to fail a drug test for those who are concerned.

There are many ways to take CBD. One of the most effective ways is to apply CBD oil under the tongue but it can also get into the blood stream by gummies, topical rubs, pill forms, candy, chocolate. We don’t suggest vaping or smoking but it is known that it is effective in getting CBD into our endocannabinoid system but may have other harmful side effects.

Our website www.usacbdoil.us has 20+ pages and links to video teaching and testimonies, clinical studies, government informational sites substantiating CBD’s effects and the site has 100+ products we carry at our Gen 1:29 CBD store at 820 N Thompson LN.


Gen 1:29 CBD oil also has begun to wholesale to spas, health food stores, chiropractors, salons and various gift stores across the USA. Forbes magazine has written that over the next two years this industry may grow by 700% and overshadow its sister the cannabis industry.

We also are growing the CBD specific hemp this year and
we lease to others who grow and or process the hemp for the natural healthcare industry. A few thousand farmers are now licensed in TN and several other manufacturers, processors and consultants are active in this redeeming of the hemp plant for our agricultural community and over all better health.

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